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Samsung Phone Under 20000 5G 2023



Samsung has made a Galaxy phone for everyone! They are built to work well, designed to suit your style, and made to handle your needs. Here are some of the best Samsung 5G phones under 20000.

If you enjoy taking pictures, this series of Galaxies from Samsung has top-notch Quad Cameras. You can store all your photos and more with the spacious storage and fast processors. Plus, you get strong performance, and the battery keeps up with your busy life. Keep reading to choose from this list of affordable 5G phones. They let you enjoy every moment with just a touch of your fingertips.

Samsung top 5 Mobiles under 20000

Samsung Galaxy M12

The Samsung Galaxy M12 is a phone that’s known for its smooth display. It’s a 5G phone that costs less than 20,000 rupees. The display is really good, and when you scroll, it feels very smooth. The screen is also big, about 16.55cm, so you can enjoy high-quality pictures and videos. The cameras on this phone use Isocell Plus Technology, which makes your pictures clear and detailed. There’s a 48MP camera on the back and an 8MP camera on the front for selfies.

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This phone has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. That means you can take a lot of pictures without worrying about running out of space. It runs on Android 11, and the battery lasts a long time. You can buy this phone on Amazon for Rs. 11,499. It’s a good deal for a Samsung phone with 5G and all these features.

Samsung Galaxy A21

The Samsung Galaxy A21 is a budget 5G phone that’s great for its price, especially for those under 20000 rupees. What stands out is its amazing camera features. The 48MP Quad Camera is really good at capturing clear and focused pictures. The main camera takes high-resolution photos in any lighting, and the Ultra-wide lens lets you capture more of what you see. There’s also a 2MP lens and Macro cam that can switch to a Depth camera, which is great for capturing perfect portraits.

To enhance your overall experience, this 5G phone has an Infinity-O display, and the Octa-core processor makes it easy to enjoy movies, videos, and games without any hassle, helping you relax. You can get it for Rs. 14,595* on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy A22

The Samsung Galaxy A22 is a great 5G smartphone that costs less than 20,000 rupees. It’s a stylish and powerful phone. The camera takes clear and high-quality pictures with its Quad-camera setup. The photos are as good as those taken by more expensive Samsung 5G phones in India. The phone has a special AMOLED display that makes your viewing experience top-notch. Plus, the 5000mAH battery ensures that you can enjoy using your phone for a long time without running out of power. 

This Samsung 5G phone prioritizes performance. It has an Octa-core processor, 128GB internal memory, and 6GB RAM. This means it’s fast and has enough space for all your needs. You can get this phone on Amazon for Rs. 18,499*.

Samsung Galaxy M21

The Samsung Galaxy M21 is a cool and stylish 5G phone that costs less than 20,000 rupees. It comes in a sleek Arctic Blue color. Despite being affordable, this phone provides a premium experience typical of Samsung. The screen is called sAMOLED and is part of an Infinity Display, offering clear and sharp visuals. For those who use their phones from morning to night, the battery life of this 5G phone is impressive. It can last up to 22 hours for internet usage, up to 29 hours for watching videos, and up to 121 hours for listening to music. 

This makes the M21 not just one of the best 5G phones under 20,000 rupees but also an excellent choice for travelers. What’s even better is that it has 128 GB internal RAM and 512 GB storage, allowing you to store all your favorite songs and movies for your travels. You can get the Samsung Galaxy M21 for Rs. 14,999 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy M31

The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a really good phone that does a lot of things well. It’s one of the best Samsung 5G phones under 20,000 rupees. This new model from Samsung has a great camera, a big and clear display, and a powerful battery – all the things that make a phone awesome, especially when you’re on a budget.

The camera has 64 megapixels, which means your pictures will be super detailed, and you can even shoot videos in 4K. The screen is called Super AMOLED, and it’s excellent for watching videos or playing games smoothly.

And here’s the cool part – the phone has a huge battery that can last a really long time. It’s 6000mAH, and with the fast charger it comes with, you can get over 26 hours of video watching or 121 hours of music listening. So, you can be creative and use your phone all day without worrying about the battery running out. If you want to get your hands on this awesome phone, you can buy it on Amazon for 16,999 rupees.


Samsung’s top 5 mobiles under 20,000 deliver impressive features, combining affordability with cutting-edge technology. With powerful processors, high-resolution cameras, and vibrant displays, these phones redefine the budget-friendly smartphone experience. From the Samsung Galaxy M31’s exceptional camera capabilities to the Galaxy A32’s sleek design, each model offers a unique blend of performance and value. With these smartphones, Samsung caters to diverse user preferences, ensuring a satisfying and feature-rich mobile experience within a reasonable budget.