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Android 14

Limited Rollout! Galaxy Tab S9 FE Gets Android 14 update in Only 2 Countries Australia and Turkey



Galaxy Tab S9 FE Gets Android 14 update in Only 2 Countries Australia and Turkey

One UI 6.0 has been rolled out by Samsung for Galaxy Tab S9 FE series users exclusively. They are the first in the lot to receive this one in Australia and Turkey. This update is based on latest Android 14 powered by Google. Earlier, these update had been roll out for same devices in other countries. Now, Samsung is focusing on launching it worldwide, country at the time. In a while it will be a global release.

Update Details

This update had been launched for Galaxy Tab S9 series users in the countries of Australia and Turkey. The updates are rolled out with the following X610XXU1BWK9 / X610OJM1BWKA version numbers respectively in these countries. 

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The security patch level will be updated to November 1, 2023 post update. The update will be arriving over-theair as 2GB download. The rollout will be in batches of course, don’t feel anxious if it arrives you later than your family and friends. If you are lucky, ONE UI 6.0, update will be a exclusive new year present from Samsung to you.

Highlights of One UI 6.0 Update

Innovative features are the key highlights of ONE UI 6.0 update. New Dex mode is one such notable feature, it is expected to be a mix of old DeX and the regular ONE UI. As per official changelog, latest update will be offering more new editions to the existing features like

  • Quick panel
  • Homescreen
  • Camera
  • Lock screen
  • Photo editor
  • Video player and many other features in the list. 

Control panel will also be given new touch and feel.

Studio, will be one of the interesting fresh feature, providing a separate space to edit the videos. The other highlights are two new widgets – custom camera widget and weather insight widget. Two features to take editing to a new level are introduced – undo and redo options to empower the users.

It is also expected that the update will be having AI powered features, similar to seen in Pixel 8. The custom wallpaper generator and portrait effect on the lock screen rendered by AI may be expected. Some of the AI powers will also be shown by image editor as well, like generating images beyond their original edges or moving objects in the images. 

How to get it ?

If you are the user of Tab S9 device in the above countries, then you can avail this update now by clicking on the notification of software update. This notification will redirect, you just have to click update button and you can experience all the new ONE UI 6.0.


Try Galaxy App: Lets You Experience Galaxy S24 Overall AI Features on Android and iPhone




The Galaxy S24 has to offer through a new app, Try Galaxy App. This digital app goes beyond theoretical explanations and is created to provide users with an immersive experience of the artificial intelligence capabilities of the Galaxy S24 smartphone. Even better, you can try this on either an Android device or an iPhone.

Galaxy App:

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Try Galaxy App can be downloaded at the two platforms including the Google Play Store for the Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhones users. Be it an Android fanatic or an Apple junkie, it is simple to install the Galaxy App Try and explore the AI aspects of the S24 Galaxy.

Galaxy S24 phone:

The Galaxy S24 phone comes with the set of AI tools that are designed to double up the user’s experience and efficiency. Through smart camera configurations and the use of AI like digital assistants, the Galaxy S24 takes up the latest technology to ensure that a user is presented with an unmatched performance and functionality.

A large number of users who trialled their Galaxy S24 AI features through the Try Galaxy App unanimously agreed that the AI was quite perfect and speedy. Many people commended the tremendous progress which led to easy importation of artificial intelligence into everyday activities and made their use of smartphones more in line with their own needs.

Downloading the App:

Downloading and using the app Try Galaxy is a quick and easy process. Right now, no matter if you’re on iOS, Android or other operating system, simply go to the app store and search for Try Galaxy App from there, follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to download and install it on your phone. Once you have installed the app, open it to start the journey of learning how AI technology works on the Galaxy S24.

This App not only makes it possible for users to get to know Galaxy S24’s AI features but also gives them a chance to get familiar with it without actually having it. Whether you want to know if camera AI is for you or the voice recognition make a difference in your life or not, you have a chance to test both of them by Try Galaxy app to find the answer for yourself.


In conclusion, Try Galaxy App is to users wanting to test cutting edge AI features of the Galaxy S24 out not to purchase the device. The application could be installed on both Android as well as iPhone platforms, giving the users an easy and convenient usage of the most modern features that Samsung’s top-notch smartphone has to offer. Empowering users by an opportunity to try out of AI features live, Try Galaxy App allows them to experience the AI capacity of their smartphones so as to make informed decisions.

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Android 14

Galaxy A52 5G receives Android 14 (One UI 6.0) Update in United States, 2024



Galaxy A52 5G receives Android 14 (One UI 6.0) Update in United States, 2024

Samsung has launched the Android 14 (One UI 6.0) update for the Galaxy A52 5G in the United States, bringing exciting features and design improvements. The update, tagged with firmware version A526USQUCFWL1, includes the latest Android version and a security patch addressing 75 vulnerabilities. The update also introduces a redesigned Quick Panel layout, a fresh default font, revamped emoji styling, and a redesigned media player widget.

Galaxy A52 5G One UI 6 (Android 14) Update Highlights

Interface & Design– Redesigned Quick Panel with grouped toggles for easier accessImproved efficiency and convenience
– New default font and emoji stylingFresher visual experience
– Customizable lock screen clock widget with more optionsEnhanced personalization
Productivity & Apps– Dedicated Battery section in Settings for clearer navigationEasier battery management
– Simplified Camera app with larger controlsStreamlined photo and video capture
– Gallery app suggestions for image editingSmarter photo management
– Drafts in Samsung Studio (formerly video editor)More flexibility for video creation
– Two-hand gesture for multi-file selection and movementFaster file management
Security & Privacy– Android 14 security patch for updated protectionEnhanced device security
– Object clipping from images/videos for creating stickersPersonalized expression sharing
Overall Experience– Performance & battery life optimizationsSmoother operation and longer usage
– Decluttered app drawer and home screenUncluttered and streamlined interface

US Carriers Embrace Android 14

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G users with carrier-locked units in the US can now cheer as the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update is available for download. The update, tagged with firmware version A526USQUCFWL1, boasts a substantial size of approximately 2GB, reflecting the inclusion of the latest Android version as well as the December 2023 security patch addressing 75 security vulnerabilities distinguished in the previous software iteration.

The most effective method to Update

Suppose you have Galaxy A52 5G in the US with a carrier-locked model. In that case, you can check the update by moving to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and Install. Alternatively, enthusiasts can choose to manually flash the new firmware by downloading it from the firmware database once it is available.

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An Excursion of Updates

Launched initially with Android 11 in early 2021, the Galaxy A52 5G has since seen significant software enhancements. After receiving the Android 12 update in late 2021 and the Android 13 update in late 2022, this latest Android 14 update marks the third major software upgrade for the gadget. Samsung’s commitment to providing four major Android OS updates for the Galaxy A52 5G positions the anticipation for an Android 15 update later in the year.

One UI 6.0 Features Unveiled

The accompanying video showcases the plethora of new features and design improvements introduced with One UI 6.0 for the Galaxy A52 5G. A redesigned Quick Panel layout currently displays all the more quick settings toggles, conveniently gathered for easier access. The update also brings a fresh default font, revamped emoji styling, and a redesigned media player widget on the notifications area and lock screen.

Enhanced User Experience

Samsung has revamped the lock screen clock widget with additional font, styling, and placement options. Stock apps have undergone improvements, with the Camera app now featuring easily accessible controls and the Gallery app suggesting image edits in the file information section. Notably, the built-in video editor has been rebranded as Samsung Studio, presently supporting drafts.

Innovative Features

The update introduces a two-hand gesture for selecting and moving different files simultaneously. The Settings app now provides a direct entry for battery-related settings. Users can now cut objects or subjects from images or video frames and save them as stickers within the Samsung Keyboard app.

As Samsung continues to satisfy its commitment to delivering robust software updates, Galaxy A52 5G users can expect an advanced and innovative user experience with the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update. Stay tuned for further developments and enhancements as Samsung’s promise of four major Android OS updates for the gadget unfolds.

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Android 14

Galaxy S24 Makes Car Messages Smarter with Android Auto



Galaxy S24 Makes Car Messages Smarter with Android Auto

Samsung just released the Galaxy S24 phones, and they’re packed with futuristic stuff like smart translation and chat help using AI. But here’s the cool part – they’re teaming up with Google’s Android Auto to make texting while driving safer and more straightforward.

Texting Upgrade: Less Hassle, More Safety

Now, with the Galaxy S24, your phone can make reading texts in the car easier. Google’s Android Auto, the thing that helps you use your phone on your car screen, is getting smarter. It will summarize your texts so you can see what’s up without looking away from the road.

Special Galaxy S24 Bonus: Exclusive Text Summaries

If you get a Galaxy S24 phone and connect it to Android Auto, you get this cool text summary feature. But here’s the catch – it won’t be there right away. Samsung says they’ll send out an update to make it happen after you buy the phone. It’s like a surprise gift for your car!

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More Help from Your Phone: Easy Replies and Actions

The Galaxy S24 phones don’t stop at just summarizing texts. They also help you reply to messages and do stuff like tell someone when you’ll arrive. It’s like having a smart assistant in your car. This way, you can keep your focus on the road and still stay in touch.

Looking Forward: Galaxy S24 Changes the Driving Game

These new Galaxy phones are making big changes in how phones work with cars. Teaming up with Android Auto shows that Samsung wants to make driving safer and more fun. The smart features with AI not only make things easier now but also show us what cool stuff we might get in the future.

Update Info: Wait for the Good Stuff

If you’re excited about the new texting features, you’ll need to be patient. The special texting feature comes later, after you get your Galaxy S24 and the update arrives. It’s like a bonus waiting to make your car even cooler.


Samsung’s Galaxy S24 phones are changing the game for driving with their cool features. By working together with Android Auto, they’re making texting in the car safer and simpler. So, get ready for a smarter and more connected driving experience with the Galaxy S24!

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