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Galaxy Watch 3 Grabs 5 new Watch Faces with One UI Update in the US



Galaxy Watch 3 Grabs 5 new Watch Faces with One UI Update in the US

Samsung has released another update for the Galaxy Watch 3, introducing One UI 5 Watch Faces. The update, available for Verizon-locked watches, includes two watch faces: perpetual and stretched time. The update is compatible with the Galaxy Watch 3 (Bluetooth) and LTE variants, with firmware version number R8*5USQU1DWK2.


Users can get updated by opening the Samsung wearable app, going to watch settings, tapping on the watch software update, and downloading and installing. The update is part of Samsung’s ongoing commitment to improving the Galaxy Watch 3’s UI.

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One UI 5 Watch Faces Revealed

Last year’s One UI 5 update carried a wave of innovation to qualified smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 4. Among the enhancements were two stunning watch faces, Perpetual and Stretched Time, which are currently making their way to the Galaxy Watch 3.

Verizon Galaxy Watch 3 Leading the Charge

The latest update was initially carried out for the Galaxy Watch 3 (Bluetooth) in various countries. However, the spotlight is presently on the LTE variant, particularly in the USA, where Verizon-locked watches are taking the lead. The firmware version R8*5USQU1DWK2 is ushering in a visual transformation for users of the LTE version.

How to Get the Update

For those eager to elevate their Galaxy Watch 3 experience with the latest watch faces, the update is within reach. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Samsung Wearable app on your connected smartphone.
  2. Navigate to watch settings.
  3. Tap on watch software update.
  4. Select Download and Install.

A Visual Revolution

The Perpetual and Stretched Time watch faces bring a breath of fresh air to the Galaxy Watch 3, injecting a sense of innovation and style into the classic device. Users can now customize their watch screens with these visually striking designs, adding a touch of personalization to their wearable tech.

Global Impact

While the initial rollout focused on various countries, the new expansion to the USA, specifically on Verizon-locked devices, underscores Samsung’s commitment to providing a consistent and enriching experience for users worldwide. This move reflects the company’s dedication to supporting its devices far past their initial release.

Longevity Through Updates

Samsung’s decision to continue updating the Galaxy Watch 3, even after the typical lifespan of significant updates, demonstrates a commitment to user satisfaction. By incorporating new features and designs, the company ensures that users can partake in a contemporary and stylish smartwatch experience.


As Samsung unveils the Perpetual and Stretched Time watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 3 in the USA, users can embrace a visual revolution on their wrists. The One UI 5 update reaffirms Samsung’s dedication to delivering a premium and enduring smartwatch experience, proving that much more established devices can continue to develop and enchant users with fresh innovations.